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Cue: Project Update


With a slower week for out project due to AP Exams as well as field trips, we only have smaller update to give. Although we are continuing to work on our wearable proto-type

Progress Update

Due the the hectic week out main update is to out projects code.

This update to out code allows us to attach buttons to our transmitter Microbit that will be placed onto the frame of the bike in order to get ease of access to the turning functions.

MicroBit Receiver Code:

MicroBit Transmitter code:

Does it work?

So we have tested out prototype with the new buttons attached and it does send signals to the Receiver Microbit and displays the signal that is sent onto our LEDs.

Although a problem with the buttons is that it was proof of concept to see if it works and we need to find more secure buttons as the current ones are finicky with the connection.

What's Next:

Next we are going to add straps to our wearable section of the prototype as well as make it more durable instead of one sheet of felt for the wearable portion.

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