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Cue: Logo Design Concepts

Updated: May 15

This week our group worked on creating design logos for our product CUE. We each made design concepts on what we believe CUE stands for and represents.

Design Concept #1

Here Kamlin created a simple logo with the bike implemented and our product name on the logo. He used purple, black, and blue as different versions of this logo and the purple one stood out the most to me. Here was the first design concept and we wanted to add more character to the logo.

Design Concept #2

This is Kamlin's second design and I prefer this one to be my favorite logo. He keeps the purple and bike logo while adding a more modern take on the letters. The design of the logo makes it feel technology-based which is what we want in our logo.

Design Concept #3

This design shows a bolt of lightning as the body of the bike and the letters CUE being slanted and like the lightning bolt. I do like this design since it implements the lightning bolt representing the technological part of the product. However, it may be misleading to where it could just be a fast bicycle company.

Design Concept #4

The final design of our group concepts shows just CUE in a Nike-style font. I believe it's to look modern and be like a sports brand for safety equipment. I say it looks plain and maybe that is a good thing when it comes to the simplicity of a logo.

Final Conclusion

Our group was happy with the second design concept and is confident that this logo represents clearly and affectively what our product represents. Next week we are going to the final steps of finishing up our next model prototype to our class and have slides ready for our pitch.

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