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Throw Ball

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

By: Giovanni Sanchez and Jakob Sfikas

We made a carnival game named Throw Ball. This is a two-player game where you compete to get 10 points the fastest.


We got inspiration from the balloon game in carnivals

How does it work?

Our game is a 2 player hit the target game. Each person gets one ball and h to hit the target and accumulate 10 points to win.

After a player reaches 10 points the player wins and gets a game over screen. After the Game Over screen the microbat resets to 0 points.


<=== The background music

<====When you shake or hit the micro bit it will add 1 point and show a number on the microbit. Every time you hit the micro bit the score will add up by 1.

<====When the score is 10 the micro bit will start flashing these designs and after that with a "game over"

<====The game resets back to 0 points

Where to find the code.

Improvements/Going further

•We can improve the overall look and stability of the cardboard base.

•We can add lights to it to make it more pleasing to players.

•We can make it more stable to improve the game's overall gameplay.

•We can add a ramp to help the balls roll down after being thrown.

•Add a button that starts the whole game and lights bright up.

•Another microbit in the top to show who won at the end of the match.

Call to action

what should the reader do? Share, build it modify it?

We would very much appreciate it if you could share your game on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

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