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Cardboard, 3d Prints, Ping-Pong Balls, Oh My!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

After an unexpected 2 weeks of work on our project, we mad much progressions on our project, which we nicknamed "Failure" for various reasons, we had made much progress on our carnival fest project.

Our game involves four holes of varying size and a ping pong ball. The goal of the game is to throw in the ping pong ball as much as possible before the end of fifteen seconds. After each attempt, the bool will roll down to the ball pocket for the player to get their ball after each attempt.

(Above is person playing with and enjoying our project)

Score keeper code

For our incorporation of the micro-bit, we made a timer/stop watch and score counter. For the buttons, we attached two of them to one micro-bit to start the time and also reset it.

We had another micro-bit for keeping track of score, and likewise we attached two buttons: one for adding points and another for resetting the score.

We planned to add 3d printed objects to our project and incorporate them with servos, however we found this idea was harder than we initially thought too make, so we left it.

Advice for the future:

Don't be too ambitious with design ideas, fruition is more important

(Pictures of buttons connected to micro-bits)

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