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Biking Safer with Cue

Presented by Ricky Madrid Quiles and Kamlin Subido Dunn

Who we are:

Born and raised in urban Chicago, we’ve always been exposed to busy streets and highways. As avid bikers, we noticed a multitude of problems bikers face on streets. Visibility and interaction with drivers are problems we plan to solve with Cue.

The Problem:

Every year, hundreds of thousands of bikers are injured in the United States alone. Data shows that In 2015 in the United States, over 1,000 bicyclists died and there were almost 467,000 bicycle-related injuries. Data from 2010 show fatal and non-fatal crash-related injuries to bicyclists resulted in lifetime medical costs and productivity losses of $10 billion.

Our mission:

As bikers, we want to create a safer way to have bikers show what actions they are going to take when biking. Utilizing Cue, bikers will be able to easily signal what direction bikers are going to turn with wireless signal lights that are able to be attached to a variety of surfaces, such as a sweater/jacket, backpack, or on the bike itself. With Cue, we plan to aid in minimizing bicycle-related injuries and death across the world.


  • Clear way to indicate turn status for surrounding traffic

  • Simply to use, button click to use on on each handlebar

  • Staying focused while biking, no need to take arms off handlebar


Next Steps:

In the near future, we plan to begin prototyping and testing Cue to prepare for its use on the road.


Feel free to contact us using the QR code below.

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