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3d Printer Enhancements and Tests

3D Printer Enhancements and Tests Filament guide


Carry handle

Needs to be printed

Ender 3 Filament Guide easy install

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We will be printing a Filament Guide because it will help guide the filament from the Filament spool to the filament extruder. The problem this solves is the filament falling and creating knots and loops in the filament. The knots and loops can make the printer jam. The filament guide solves that. I can change/ enhance this design by making it longer to create a more ideal angle for the filament to flow into the extruder. We used default print settings to print this part. We will be printing a tight filament guide because this will allow it to flow through the machine easier and prevent snagging. This will lead to little to no problems with the filament traveling to the nose. We wanted to add this so the filament can flow easily. The part has a screw so it is stable on the 3d printer and a hook to keep the filament under and help it flow through the printer. We thought that one way to enhance the part was to make it more simple. It would make it more practical for its size. We used default settings to print this part. The carry handle will make the 3D printer easier to carry. The part is a handle that can be screwed into the top of the 3D printer. The problem this add-on solves is caring for the 3D printer is easier. The way I can change this is by making it more structurally stable to be sure it doesn’t fall. We used the default settings to make this part.

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