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2nd Design Sprint Prototype Blog

Micro bit Maria

The Prototype my team and I have design consist of two Micro Bits. Micro bits Maria (Blue color) is our main micro bit the one who controls and locates Micro bit Rose. Micro bit Maria Consists of two unique functions. Maria vibrates constantly when to far from Rose and when getting closer the vibration beats. Maria is also able o show the distance in radio wave length. Anything greater than 55 signal strength then Maria will start to Vibrate.

Which is about .44 meters. When pressing A on Maria it sends a command to Rose to make a Musical sounds for 8 seconds then can be press multiple times until Micro bit Rose is found. ( on the right it shows a number less than 55 so therefore Maria is not Vibrating).

The code to the left is for Maria. When receiving a radio number in our code that is 6 it will proceed to do what the bottom programming below the statement "if ____ then". Maria is powered by two Energizer 2032 Battery CR2032 Lithium 3v that last about 3-5 years depending how much battery is being used. The distance the micro bits stop communicating is about 643 cm which is 6.43 m(eters). Maria continues to vibrate over 6.43 m but stops showing the the L.E.Ds on the screen and Rose can no longer make any noise.

Micro bit Rose

Rose is mostly the receiver in this case as is the Microbit that wants to be found, but rose is also a is a sender. The code to the right down is pretty much the reason how Micro bit Maria is able to the location of Rose.

Its say every 6.5 seconds send this radio number to Maria and Maria is able to tell how far Rose. and When A is pressed Rose makes a musical sound (at the bottom). Rose also uses two Energizer 2032 Battery CR2032 Lithium 3v . The range limit is 6.43 meters until Micro bits cannot communicate with each other.

Case Designs

My team and I decided to design a case like box for the micro bits instead of the plain simple Micro bit. This would require two different designs since one is suppose to stay put and attached to something and the other on your wrist on or keychain (not ideal but an option).

The top right is the design for Rose the hider you can say. The bottom right is a

design for Maria which consists of removable batteries clear screen to the number for those who can see and detachable watch straps. We still at designing so many changes may happen to our look that we currently have. We do have a cad layout of only Roses box which is at the bottom this was a challenge for us as we wanted to smooth edges to give it a clean design we had a few problems with the design for example the Microbit would move a lot in the case and the sound was made quieter so we plan to add holes to let the sound go out.

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