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A community that is empowered to leverage technology, tools, and resources to build and make things.


HackSchool works to ignite curiosity and build confidence to leverage technology into solutions for current and future real-world needs within the community. We believe that when students are free to invent and create, they begin to see technology as a means for solving real-world problems and taking their learning to the next level.


At the core, HackSchool is a design for a socially-conscious, community-centered makerspace and creativity lab. We aim to bring free, direct access to technology that empowers students to solve the world's challenges. We are working to build a shared space that is utilized during the day by formal classes and after-hours by our local community

We encourage unfettered creativity, curiosity, and all kinds of moon-shot ideas. Humans are life-long learners. We want to setup a space that fosters and encourages this love of learning. 

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